Privacy Policy

Information We Collect

We do not collect personal information through our website. We however, may collect information about how visitors use our website by tracking their activities on site, including the use of browser cookies, which is not personal identifiable.

For the VPN service we provide, we collect device connection information, including but not limited to: the IP address, the time the connection is established, the time the connection tears down, etc.

For the newsletter you sign up, we collect your email address, your first name, and/or any other information you are willing to share with us.

How We Use Information

We will use the email to contact you regarding our website or service updates.

We will not share the information with, or sell the information to, any 3rd party. We may have to transfer personal information to local or international law enforcement authorities if required.

How We Store Information

All information is stored in secured computer systems with active screening and monitoring against possible hacking. We rigorously protect the information by applying security measures. However, we can not guarantee that the information in our system will be fully secure.

Although we do not transfer information to any 3rd party for commercial purpose, we may have to transfer information to the law enforcement authorities on demand, particularly if you involved, or are suspected to involve any abusive, illegal activities.

The VPN connection logs that are 1 year old will be automatically deleted from our system.

For more questions or concerns please contact us.

Updated July 12, 2018