Free VPN Account

Free VPN

We offer free VPN accounts for your personal use, no payment is required, no account creation is needed.

We don’t meter the data volume, we don’t limit the number of devices connected to the vpn server.

Why L2TP IPsec?

First, it is secure. L2TP/IPsec is a theoretically secure VPN protocol with no known vulnerabilities.  Second, it is natively supported by most computers and mobile phones: Windows, Mac OS X,  iOS, Android, Chromebook. No need to download and install any VPN client software, setup is intuitive and takes little time.

Why free VPN?

Well, setting up a vpn service requires some technical knowledge plus some server infrastructure but not a lot of capital. Doing it with a minimalist approach, combined with a donation call, and hopefully some advertising revenue, we hope we can make VPN service free of charge for everyone.

Why premium (paid) VPN?

Premium (paid) VPN is offered to the users who need better performance, faster connections, stronger encryption algorithms, dedicated IP address. And yes, you need to pay for it. For most users, our free vpn would be a good enough option, but, there are always some people who need premium quality service, in regard to VPN or encrypted data transmission, this is what we do for years.

How to get it?

On this site we publish working account credentials of VPN type L2TP/IPSec, we also provide configuration guides for various operating systems, follow them you will get a working VPN connection.

We change the account credentials on weekly basis. You can revisit the site, configure your device accordingly so you can continue using it. The weekly change is to make sure that the VPN is used by human, not by a machine.

What you can do with it?

  1. you can browse websites, watch videos, make voip calls, play games, etc.
  2. you can use it on as many computers and mobile phones as you have.
  3. you can use as much bandwidth as available, we do not meter your bandwidth usage.

What you CAN’T do with it?

  1. you can NOT do P2P Torrenting.
  2. you can NOT download any copyrighted content.
  3. you can NOT do any illegal activities.

We keep log files of all connect sessions, upon request we will provide the data to the authorities, so don’t do evil!